Newburg UMC

The Clothing Center at Newburg UMC grew from church members’ desire to strengthen its community by helping its neighbors.  Through prayer and conversation, this dream became a reality in 1989.  All contributions are donated by those near and far who seek to have clothing and linens reused, repurposed or recycled.

The Center strives to provide the community and surrounding areas with clean, affordable clothing.  It also partners with various mission efforts including Mission Central and Christian Aid Ministries.  Individuals and families, who are in need following an emergency such as a fire, are also resourced free of charge.  On a semi-annual basis the Clothing Center leadership and volunteers convene a business meeting to disseminate earning to local and global mission efforts.

In 2017, a portion of Newburg UM Church’s roof was in need of repair, including the Clothing Center.  Through Seedling Financial Ministry, the roof was replaced, as was the HVAC system, to better serve the needs of their growing congregation!