Loan FAQs

Why should congregations consider Seedling Financial Ministry over other financial institutions?
Seedling Financial Ministry has been making loans to congregations since 1916. We understand the United Methodist Church and its history. We understand congregational life cycles. We pray with you and we stay with you.

What else does Seedling Financial Ministry do besides make loans?
Seedling Financial Ministry also offers investments. We want to be a partner in your ministry. It’s about working better together to grow, equip and connect.

What kinds of loans does Seedling Financial Ministry make?

Check out the Loan Types section.

What does applying for a loan involve?
Check out the Loan Application Process.

What information is needed from congregations to apply for a loan?
Visit the Loan Application Process section for an overview of the process.

What loan interest rates does Seedling Financial Ministry charge?
Seedling Financial Ministry offers competitive rates. Ultimately, it depends on the kind of loan your congregation seeks and the length of the loan term. Our staff can guide you through various options.

How does Seedling Financial Ministry set its interest rates?
When determining the actual interest rate to charge on any approved loan request, many factors are taken into consideration.

  • Does the church have an existing investment account
  • Type of collateral
  • Length of term
  • Other risk related factors

Since we are a ministry focused lender, we understand that traditional bank financing is not always the best option. We continually strive to assist the churches in our conference with competitive borrowing options. Additionally, we are always willing to serve as a consultant for your church as you consider your funding options.

How long does the loan process take?
It depends on your project, the amount of money you need, as well as time required to process third-party reports, e.g., title work, appraisal, etc.  Our goal is to have your loan processed in a timely manner

Who is eligible for a Seedling Financial Ministry loan?

Any church that meets our lending requirements.

Contact us at or call 717.591.4099 to find out how we can grow ministry together.