About Us

Originally founded in 1916 as The Church Extension Fund, our purpose was to make loans to churches for repair or purchase of property. As the need grew for church loans, more capital needed to be raised. In 1969, The Lending Fund, as it was then called, began making investments available for purchase. In the early 1980’s, the name was changed once more to the Loan Fund and we continued lending and investing under that name until 2019 when we were rebranded as Seedling Financial Ministry.

Regardless of our name, we faithfully serve United Methodist Churches and its members. More than 500 individuals and organizations currently invest with us and we continue to provide loans to equip our churches to grow in ministry.





Lauren E. Hokamp, Executive Director

717-591-4099 ext. 1


Christine M. Sims, Associate Director

717-591-4099 ext. 2