We are always willing to talk with you about a potential loan for your next improvement project. However, there are other ways to raise funds to help provide the needed financing. We would be very happy to further discuss any of these ideas with you as you begin to solidify your financial plans. Also, please send us your ideas so that we can help get the word out to others!

Capital Campaign

A capital campaign is a methodical approach to unite a congregation to raise money to finance a particular need for that congregation within a given timeframe. The purpose of a capital campaign is very specific and typically building-related (for example, a building addition, installation of handicap access, major repair or renovation).

A capital campaign is a major event in the life of a church. Typically, capital campaigns are not conducted more often than every 5-10 years.

Five Dollar Club

This idea has been implemented successfully by some churches. It has typically been used to raise funds to help pay down an existing debt. However, this process could easily be adapted for other fund-raising needs.

Pledges can be solicited from church members to add a fixed amount to their weekly giving over a specified period of time. Five dollars seems to be an amount that many people feel they can afford, but any amount could be substituted. You may want to come up with a specific name for your project and then track the giving as it comes in. Before you know it, you have an extra $1,000 or more for your project!

Go Green Campaign

Help the environment and help your church

Christ UMC in Waynesboro has been very successful with this campaign.

It began with placing aluminum can recycling bins at the church. The collected cans were turned in at a local recycling center for cash. But the story doesn’t end there! They began to collect larger metal objects. Old appliances, used auto parts, old copper pipes or wiring and various other types of scrap metal. As word of mouth spread into the community, folks began to contact the church to see if they could benefit from some of their scrap metal. On some occasions, church members would agree to pick up items from local homes or businesses.

To date, they have raised thousands of dollars from this program. Not only did they raise funds for various church projects, but they have impacted their local community and the environment in a positive way.