Required Information for Loan Application & Initial Review


Below is a list of documents which must be submitted in conjunction with this application.

  1. Financial Information Financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for the past three years consisting of: (1) a balance sheet, (2) statement of income, expenses and changes in net assets and (3) statement of cash flow.

  2. Operating Budget The applicant’s operating budget for the current fiscal year and the past three fiscal years.

  3. Repayment Plan A repayment plan covering three years which demonstrates the ability of the applicant to pay anticipated principal and interest on the requested loan amount (which may include receipts and pledges from a current capital campaign).

  4. Giving History A history of giving for the immediate past three years.

  5. Historical Growth If the requested loan is for acquisition, new construction or major renovation, a statement of historical growth in membership support for the applicant’s mission and activities.

  6. Cash on Hand Statement of cash on hand which the applicant is willing to apply to the project for which the loan is being requested.

  7. Real Estate Pledged as Security for Outstanding Loans With respect to currently outstanding loans where the loan applicant is the borrower and has pledged real estate of the applicant as security for the loan, all documents relating to such loans, including the principal and interest payments, with a description of all real estate of the applicant pledged as security for the loan(s).

  8. Real Estate Owned A list of all addresses to all real property owned by the applicant (for each address list the current use of the property) and copies of the deeds to each property.

  9. Appraisal If the loan amount requested exceeds $500,000 and the requested loan is to be secured by real estate, a current independent appraisal of the real estate.

  10. Project Description A description of the project, including estimated costs, estimated time for completion, architect renderings/contractor blueprints and any required government approvals.

  11. Capital Campaign If the applicant intends to conduct a capital campaign in connection with the project for which the loan is being requested, a statement describing the proposed capital campaign and how the proposed project complements the applicant’s strategic plan.

  12. Book of Discipline Documentation that approvals required by the Book of Discipline have been obtained.

  13. Incorporation/Authority The current articles of incorporation and bylaws for the applicant.