How to be a Partner in Ministry

Seedling Financial Ministry’s primary mission is to connect investors to equip churches to grow. You can help us by becoming a partner in ministry.

As a partner in ministry, you can do one or more of the following:

  • Schedule a time when a Seedling Financial Ministry representative could come out and speak to your leaders/and or congregation about our ministry.
  • Host a Seedling Sunday.
  • Keep brochures, posters and other information available to your congregants.
  • Place a link to our website on your church website.

Some investors have indicated that they would like to receive a 0.00% interest rate on their investment, in order to further benefit the ministry of Seedling.  Investors may select a ministry rate option for their Certificates.  Ministry Rate Certificates (“Ministry Rate Certificates”) are Savings Certificates or Term Certificates designed to support Seedling and its ministries by allowing an investor to accept a 0.00% interest rate for the particular Certificate.  The interest that would otherwise be paid to the investor instead will be paid to Seedling and be used to further Seedling’s ministry. Please refer to the Offering Circular for terms of the Ministry Rate Certificates.