We think we may need to borrow money, so how do we get started?

If your church is in the process of weighing options which might include borrowing money, please feel free to reach out to us.

If you decide that borrowing money is the best option, we will certainly help you to determine the best way to proceed regarding loan terms etc.

However, we are also here to help you with the decision process that comes before you start filling out a loan application. Maybe there are other options to consider or other ways to structure a loan request.

We are willing to act as a consultant during these discussions. Our Loan Specialist has many years of banking experience that may help you to navigate through your options. Unlike a bank, we want you to be sure that you have found the best option to meet your needs and not just an option that helps the lending institution more than it helps your church.

Additionally, if a decision is made to borrow funds, we can help you to understand some of the terms that most people don’t work with in their everyday lives. For example, we can help you understand the difference between a Balance Sheet and an Income Statement. We can help you review collateral options or better understand the purpose of a UCC filing.

So if your church is considering how to fund your upcoming project, contact us and let us help you!